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Crscottjr's Mobile Suit Gundam - Universal Century Tv Review

Mobile Suit Gundam - Universal Century

Rated: 8

It's been said before that Kidou Senshi Gundam is the Star Wars of Japan, and I'm quite inclined to agree. Mobile Suit Gundam was the very blueprint for Real-Robot (Mecha) Anime at a time when Super Robots were all the rage. The Mobile Suits are war machines, the characters were brimming with genuine emotional conflict, and there was a sense of military politics behind the story. Another interesting change of pace was how we got to see the war from BOTH sides, rather than just have the enemy be a one-shot joke every episode (infact, don't be surprised if if you start to sympathise with the Federation AND Zeon forces). Each episode doesn't have a stereotypical happy ending, and there is a great balance between action and character development to be found.

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